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Youphoria Yoga Mat Review

Youphoria yoga mat 3Youphoria Yoga Mat is a top rated yoga mat, which features an ultimate-grip textured foam top, which help stabilize your feet and hands with impact workouts, and yoga poses.

The high-quality mat has proprietary grip circles at the bottom that stabilize it and prevent sliding and gripping on smooth floors.

With high-quality features at a pocket-friendly price, Youphoria Yoga Mat is truly one of the best yoga mats in the market today.

High-Quality Material

Youphoria Yoga Mat features a high-density memory foam, which doesn’t allow wear like other traditonal mats, therefore making the mat excellent for a long haul. The material relieves pressure areas in several yoga poses and provides the much-required joint relief during impact training sessions. Its top side is made with a unique blend of comfort and stability, so your feet and hands will tightly grip onto the mat enabling you maintain balance.


Do you dislike the awful smell of new yoga mats? The high-density memory foam is odor free, free from any phthalates, and is SGS approved. This means that Youphoria Yoga Mat is free from toxins or harmful chemicals and is, therefore, ready for use as soon as you get it out of the shop. This makes the product safe for your precious environment and more importantly the user.

Product features and specifications

• Ultimate grip
• Extra durability
• Perfect size
• Odor free
• Top rated material

The Reviews

Reviews from clients who bought this product before are just but positive. Many say that this product is a winner and one of the most excellent yoga mat of all yoga mats ever used. A Yoga Trainer on the workoutwithdi.com strongly endorsed the exclusive benefits of Youphoria Yoga Mat and said:

Youphoria yoga mat 1“Youphoria Yoga Mat was usable straight from its box! That’s unique for a yoga mat. Believe me, majority of other mats emit an awful smell! But this one has a lovely light smell.

I have had to leave other mats out in the open for a week or more to let them air before I use them, but this was excellent due to eco-friendliness and free of toxic chemicals.

Youphoria yoga mat 2It’s well cushioned more than enough to protect my boney body parts while being light sufficient to maintain me in balance during balance yoga postures.“

The majority of people Love Youphoria Yoga Mat with great passion, and this has made the mat earn extremely high ratings and excellent reviews.

By the time of our writing, the mat had scored for itself a whopping 4.8 stars out of the possible five stars after 2.108 reviews accompanied by a hefty pack of great reviews on Amazon.

After our in-depth research, we discovered that some people do say that Youphoria Yoga Mat becomes very stiff if exposed to extremely cold weather conditions. However, this was not a real issue. One user gave an easy, quick solution to the above and said,

“Don’t leave the mat in your car overnight if your car is parked outside in a cold environment, it may become very stiff. But if it becomes stiff unexpectedly, just warm it up, and it will be fine .’’


To sum it all, Youphoria Yoga Mat is truly your next generation yoga mat. From comfort and stability to durability and Eco-friendliness, this mat is truly a keeper. Even though this product is cheap, high quality have not been compromised in any single way and therefore, becomes one of the most excellent choices for those who are on a tight budget.

Yoga teachers, professionals, and students throughout the world like this mat due to its ultra grip, premium durability, comfortable high-density memory foam, and eco-friendliness. Allow Youphoria Yoga Mat revolutionize your yoga practice today.

Youphoria Yoga Mat Review
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