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Travel Zen Inflatable Meditation Cushion Review

Zen travel cushionThe Travel Zen Inflated Meditation Cushion by Invigorated Living is a super-light and portable meditation pillow that lets you experience the many benefits of yoga and meditation.

This meditation cushion is perfect for all the meditation techniques including mindfulness, chakra, Tibetan, guided meditation, kundalini and transcendental.


Travel Zen is made from durable and high quality materials. Its sturdy construction is able to accommodate a maximum weight load of 220 pounds which makes it a perfect portable meditation cushion.


With the Travel Zen meditation cushion, you don’t have to lug a heavy zafu meditation pillow around or even worse a meditation bench or chair in order to consistently practice your meditation. You will be able to practice yoga or meditation anywhere you like, whether it’s at the beach, on holidays, at school or at the office.

Easily Inflated and Deflated

bagTo inflate the Travel Zen meditation cushion, you simply need to squeeze the inflation valve base then blow or pump the air into the valve to achieve the desired firmness.

To deflate, you will simply need to squeeze your valve base while you squeeze your Travel Zen, then fold the cushion for the pillow to be deflated before you place it in your handy travel pouch.

Used for Multiple Functions

Other than being used for yoga and meditation, the Travel Zen can also be used as an extra back support, comfy travel inflatable pillow or something to knee on as you do your gardening. Just like the yoga blocks, you engage your deep core muscles by sitting on this meditation cushion. A strong core will reduce the chances of injuring your body. The Travel Zen also provides additional support to you neck, hips, back, spine, knees and the pelvis.


Our research reveals the many positive reviews of this meditation cushion. On www.desertcart.ae the product has a rating of 4 stars out of 5 with many customers recommending it as the best option for those who want to practice yoga or meditation while on the go.

Travel Zen Meditation CushionOn Amazon.com, this product has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 after being reviewed by over 153 customers, many of them praising its durability, comfort and its portability.

One interesting review worth mentioning is the one that was made by Patricia on the 5th of October 2015 where she said, “Very versatile and convenient! Have used it when I travel, it fits in my yoga bag, even in my purse.”


For meditation enthusiasts who are looking for a top quality meditation cushion that is durable and ergonomically designed to offer support to the neck, back, spine, knees, hips and the pelvis, you can trust the Travel Zen Inflated Portable Mediation Cushion.

You don’t have to get confined to a particular location for your yoga or meditation practice by using the traditional heavy Zabuton pillow or Zafu cushion. The Travel Zen will empower you to take your yoga and meditation practice wherever you go.

Travel Zen Inflatable Cushion
Travel ZEN Inflatable Crescent Meditation Cushion By Invigorated Living, Lightweight Portable Yoga Meditation Pillow & Travel Pillow, No More Heavy Meditation Chair, Bench, or Zabuton, Works Well with Yoga Blocks, Quality Construction, Durable Materia 0.00