The History Of The Neti Pot

history neti potThe traditional Neti Pot (also know as the Nettie Pot) looks like the Aladdin’s lamp and they were initially used in the South East Asia area as a purifying and cleansing ritual.

The ancient Yogis had a variety of methods for bodily and mind cleansing with the aim of balancing and purifying the human structure to achieve its highest level and purposes.

These wonderful internal and external cleaning methods were used for health purposes as well as for meditation to allow one to reach transcendence, immortality and enlightenment. The practice of nasal cleansing was commonly done as one prepared for a yoga routine because breathing is considered an integral part of yoga.

The first Neti Pot was introduced in 1972 by the Himalaya Yoga International Institute. The founder of the Institute- Swami Rama taught his students about using the nasal wash in improving their spiritual practices and this lead them to crafting a beautiful ceramic pot called the Neti Pot.

The Purpose Of The Neti Pot In Ancient India

The Neti Pot was developed as a kind of nasal irrigation in Ayurvedic yoga in ancient India. Neti in historical Indian language means nasal cleansing. Jala neti which is nasal irrigation for the yogi-the male yoga masters, was important for yoga as it was among the six cleansing practices.

Yogis of the Himalayas used the Neti Pot in their daily cleansing routine. It was assumed that clear breathing made one think clearly and by purifying the nose, one was able to achieve a higher meditation state. The yogis also believed that cleaning your nose could help you overcome mood swings, complaints and addictions.

The Yogis used a Neti Pot solution which consisted of warm salty water for deep physical and spiritual benefits. Jala neti was found to be extremely beneficial in easing nasal congestion, cleaning the eyes, throat and lungs.

Yoga enthusiasts embraced the jala neti and made it gain popularity by adopting a holistic yogis lifestyle. This lead to the development of a variety of nasal irrigation devices with different shapes and materials like copper, plastic and stainless steel.

The Neti Pot gained even more popularity after it was covered by Oprah Winfrey on her show in the year 2007 and also in April 2009.That was the time it first gained popularity in the United States and became more available in the drug stores.

The Neti Pot Today

A review done recently by the American Academy of Family Physicians (an organisation dedicated to improve the health of Americans) shows that nasal irrigation is an effective therapy for chronic rhino sinusitis and upper respiratory infections.It is therefore very clear that the use of the neti pot is no longer an ancient health practice.It is highly recommended by modern doctors today as a simple time tested tool of high personal hygiene that anyone can use .It is not only found at yoga centers but also at many natural food stores.

In conclusion

Nasal irrigation with a Neti Pot has since expanded beyond yoga enthusiasts to those needing relief from sinusitis symptoms. People use it to cure different bacterial infections in the sinuses. It could help in allergy problems, elimination of sinusitis, and elimination of the post-nasal drip. The process could also improve your vision and the sense of smell and taste

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